Not every property is lucky enough to have a large lawn or outdoor space.

Of course, these unique and private lots of land come at a premium, but their diversifiable potential is endless. So what happens what you have a smaller yard but still want to enjoy it with your friends, pets, family, and more? Below please find 6 lovely tips for transforming your smaller outdoor space into your own oasis.

 1.    Buy smaller furniture – Smaller furniture can still be just as accomodating and comfortable as more large and bulky pieces. Look to buy loveseats instead of couches, circular tables with chairs instead of long rectangular dining tables, and the list goes on. Your outdoor space may be small, but the goal is to not make it feel even smaller.
    2.    Build a deck – Installing a deck is a quick way to establish a defined entertaining space. Not only is it clean, but it is safe, organized, and will not need o be catered to as much as a lawn. Decks are flat, level areas that are ideal locations for your outdoor furniture, grille, and much more.
    3.    Hang various items – You want your smaller garden to be as visually appealing as possible. While space on the ground may be limited, look to hang potted plants, boxed gardens, rustic outdoor art, a clock, and other special items. Build wooden shelves or have hooks to allow you to create yet another attractive aspect of your outdoors.
    4.    Keep it simple with your plants – Many people may seek the jungle feel, however it does not mean that every property is suited for that much planting. Do not try to plant every shrub, tree, and flower that you love. Overgrowth and a look that is far too busy and cluttered will ultimately detract from the atmosphere you seek. Keep it simple and focus on the essentials while keeping them organized.
    5.    Use fencing wisely – Fencing has multiple purposes. Of course it is for protection, security, peace of mind for pets and children to be kept safe, to define your property lines, but it should also be attractive. Look at some options like a picket or lattice fence. Even a fence with different materials or colors could be an interesting touch that can add to the natural appearance of your small yard.
    6.    Be bold – A smaller yard will have a more difficult time leaving a lasting impression. As a result, it is important that you go bold with at least one item. This ‘wow’ factor could be a certain plant, flowers, statue, art, fountain, color, and more that draws attention to itself. Look to even use lighting wisely for entertaining in the evening. Applying special backlighting, uplighting, or downlighting to these unique bold reference points is highly recommended.

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