2015 is now here and if it is going to look anything like 2014, then it is sure to be quite the successful year in real estate for us all. In the market to buy? Now is certainly a brilliant time for that before prices continue to rise any further. On the selling side, there remains an abundance of buyer demand which is pushing home values up while the days on the market until a property sells are down. Uniquely, there are benefits to both sides of all transactions. But what about those homeowners who perhaps want to improve their homes either for themselves or to ready it for sale? Here below are 5 fantastic quick tips to take into account for 2015.

  1. No more beige – The simple color of beige is on its way out in terms of popularity for 2015. Gray and other darker, more contemporary tones are the new trend.

  2. Make a large change – It may be time to completely renovate your home. Look to re-do frequently used rooms such as your kitchen, or knock down a wall in your living room to establish an open floor plan living and dining area.

  3. Make multiple small changes – Make a list of at least one small change that each room could have. From new curtains, to new candles or towels in the guest bathroom or artwork in the hallway, all will give your home a refreshed look and feel for 2015.

  4. Splurge on one item – Look to buy one thing that will truly make a dramatic difference in your home in a room that is worth it to you. Perhaps a large flat screen television if in a room that you love to entertain in, or a new refrigerator or top-of-the-line stove. Maybe it is a brand new bedroom set, a large piece of artwork, or even a chandelier for your dining room.

  5. Surprise someone in your home – Paint your child’s room a theme that they would enjoy, or fix up your garage to have proper shelving and organization for someone who loves working with and keeping their tools in an orderly manner.