There truly are so many things that one can do to improve their home and lift it up to today’s expectations of what luxury is all about. Previously, 5 tips were highlighted that one can do to improve their home, and below, please have a view of 5 more tips that are beneficial as we progress forward through 2015.

  1. Add greenery – Having plants and flowers inside and outside of your home in a lovely manicured fashion is known to lift the mood and improve the atmosphere and impression one gets. Keeping your landscape in tip top condition will go a long way to attracting prospective buyers, just as it will also leave a pleasing thought in you and your loved ones minds about where they call home. In fact, they can also improve the air quality in a home and “help us heal,” said the National Gardening Association. “Scientists have found that settings containing plants have a measurable influence on recovery even for hospital patients who are acutely stressed. Some achieve benefits after only a few minutes of exposure to plants. Hospital workers benefit too, as they seek plant-filled environments to escape from work stress during the day.”
  2. Improve your lighting – Lighting can alter the way one perceives a room, it’s atmosphere, and even the size of a room. Add mood lighting, lights on dimmers, different colors, and even spotlights that showcase artwork, textured walls, plants, and other things that deserve attention drawn to them. Of course, today’s buyers are keen on energy efficient lighting fixtures and bulbs, so use these not just to impress your buyers or friends, but also to save yourself money on your energy bills.
  3. De-Clutter – In 2015, the trend is all about less is more. From contemporary floor plans, furniture items, and more, people are far more attracted to a simplistic, clean look today. Cleaning up your cabinets, shelves, and the like will give you far more peace of mind going forward.
  4. Clean your pantry – Amongst the busy activity within your kitchen, your pantry should be the organized engine that keeps everything going. Ensure that you stock up on all of the necessary items, spices, canned goods, tools, and the like that you may need and dedicate certain shelves and sections to these different types of items. First, however, clear out anything that may be old or outdated, and things that are never in use and are taking up more space as opposed to aiding your productivity.
  5. Learn a home improvement skill – Today, almost everything can be found on the Internet or on YouTube. Look to learn a unique skill such as installing a backspace, properly applying paint or wallpaper, and so on. Furthermore, a few hours at the Home Depot can give you lessons and teach you on how to do the above, in addition to putting in new wood flooring, or knowledge on how to build a storage ottoman. Having these unique skills will not only give you more flexibility for the types of changes and implementations you can make within your home in 2015 and beyond, but it will also save you money from avoiding to having to pay a professional for every task you envision.