Daylight savings has come and gone, we’re seeing lawns fade and leaves continue to fall. The days are shorter and while we have a lot of good weather ahead of this, we all have less outdoor time for landscaping and home maintenance.

If you’re planning on putting your property on the market this fall or winter (and if you’re thinking about selling – you should!) it’s important to not neglect your curb appeal, even though it’s not summer. It’s important to take some simple steps to keep your home looking inviting and cozy before the weather turns chillier.

In today’s blog post I’m going to go over four easy home maintenance projects you can do now while the weather is warmer. These projects will help you increase your winter curb appeal and keep your property looking fresh, even as the weather begins to change.

Protect Your Garden with Mulch and Leaves

Give your lawn the same amount of love in the fall and winter months. Protect your bulb beds, shrubs and other plantings from the cold by using a couple of inches of extra mulch. You can also spread some of those falling leaves over empty spaces. This will protect your plants, give them added nutrients to help them thrive in the warmer months and look more aesthetically pleasing.

Consider Landscape Lighting

Massachusetts doesn’t get a lot of light during the winter months. Shorter days mean a lot of your showings may be during twilight hours. Keep your home looking warm and inviting by installing some simple landscape lighting around walkways, gardens and your porch. This has the added benefit of helping you see slippery spots when the weather turns colder.

Cold Weather Plants are a Good Idea

Just because snow may be falling it doesn’t mean that your yard has to be devoid of green. There are plenty of cold weather plants that thrive during the chillier months. Consider camellia, blue holly or evergreen shrubs. Even potted, these plants can help your home look more lived in. If you’d rather plant these hardy plants, that’s fine too! Many cold weather plants do best when planted in the mid to late fall.

Keep Your Lawn Neat

Your grass may no longer need a weekly trim, but you should still keep things looking tidy so buyers can picture what it’ll look like in the warmer months. Keep a lookout after heavy winds or storms and remove fallen branches, leaves or other things that may blow into your yard.