Depending on what market you live in, the fall can be be a great time to sell your home. Unless you have children in school that you may be disrupting, chances are you will not have obstacles to overcome for a move during this season.

Here are a some tips to make your as home attractive as possible for the fall market.


As we transition from summer to fall you will want to do as much as you can to make your home as presentable as possible. Decluttering and preparing for any hazards that can arise as winter approaches are wise ideas to tackle.

  • Clean up walkways, gardens and clean gutters of leaves and debris.
  • Be sure your lawn is mowed regularly for the season.
  • Wash decks and patios so they are free of any moss, mold or debris.\
  • If the weather permits, leave your outdoor furniture out to show that it is an inviting space.
  • Trim back trees of branches that could potentially cause property damage.
  • Purchase a fresh doormat that is functional for when it is rainy.
  • Sweep up fireplaces and keep them clean and odorless.
  • Be sure that entry ways are clear of items that make it appear untidy.

Curb Appeal

Look at your home’s facade as an outsider to see if it is welcoming. Consider paint even if just for the front door and add a punch of color and freshen things up. Potted flowers or placing pumpkins near the doorway can add more color and life. Every buyer will begin with their opinion of your home when they first arrive so help them by making a great first impression. Don’t go overboard with seasonal decor, but adding some will give your home personality, warmth and greet visitors.

Make it Cozy

Try to appeal to all of the senses of those who will be visiting your home. Warm it up literally with setting the right temperature. Another way to create the perfect ambiance is with lighting. Days get shorter in the fall so keep your blinds and drapes open as much as possible. Also, ensure that you have the best lighting fixtures that show off your home nicely for those evening showings.

Neutral colors are always best, but add in some punches of color with toss pillows, throw blankets or even a centerpiece for your dining table.

Finally, appealing to the sense of smell can entice buyers to stay a while. You don’t want to have anything too strong, but there is nothing wrong with the comforting aroma of fresh baked cookies, cinnamon-laced apple pie or pumpkin cupcakes to leave a great impression.