Although this year the winter-like weather has been holding on, spring has actually arrived and the warmer days are closer than we think. For those of you who have gardens or outdoor space, now is the time to begin planning for how you will take advantage of the extension of your living space. Even if you are not blessed with having a green thumb, here are some ideas of how you can make your outdoor space more enjoyable.

Adding Height
One key to integrating more sky and sun into your outdoors is to bring your eye up with items that add height. These can include anything from taller bushes that add privacy like bamboo that are low maintenance or even vine covered trellises that can add an architectural aesthetic all year round.

Plant Variety
Consider a varied collection of plants and flowers for your yard. Try to avoid too much of the same plant and color to keep from getting boring. Plants of all shapes, size and color will add diversity and interest. Be sure to strategically place them so they complement one another rather than compete as they become full grown.

Low Maintenance
There are some things you can do so you spend less time working in your yard and more time enjoying it. When selecting your plantings, choose some that are more sustainable on their own and require less pruning or watering. Also, adding in some perennials will also help cut down on your revisiting what to plant each year.

Plant Containers
Do you have a smaller garden or a patio that needs some life added to it? Consider investing in some plant containers for adding more interest. Plant containers come in all types of shapes and sizes and can be a great idea for adding options for more shrubbery or flowers. The shapes and colors will add punches of color while the plantings can even help create more of a perimeter or even provide privacy.

Reduce Weeding
Weeds can be unsightly while they are a regular cause for maintenance in your yard. Whether you learn how to minimize them on your own with strategic plants and mulch, or if you hire a professional, cutting down on them will make your yard look nicer while decreasing the required maintenance.