The kitchen is the core of a home in many ways. When entertaining, we all know that nearly everybody tends to gather in the kitchen. When investing money into your home for a renovation project, remodeling the kitchen is one of the best places to focus on as so much value comes from it. So even if you aren’t cooking large or gourmet meals yourself, consider these 7 helpful tips for building the perfect kitchen that will help pay off when it comes time to sell.

The Triangle – When you plan the layout of your kitchen, consider the “work triangle” consisting of the cooking area, sink and fridge as the three points. Not every kitchen has or can accommodate this layout, but it is a good concept to bear in mind when you consider the work flow.

Two Sinks – Having two sinks or a double sink function can really be handy. Wash dishes in one sink and let them dry in the other or let pots and pans dry while you are using the other well for food prep.

Built-in Appliances – Make use of space and have a clean look by having integrated appliances. Integrated dishwashers, coffee machines and microwaves will give you more counter space and make your kitchen appear more streamlined and inviting.

Lighting – Good lighting in your kitchen has many benefits. It is better for your eyes, it allows you to see better for tasks and it can even put you in a better mood. Take advantage of as much natural light as you can with windows, but also select light fixtures that offer you a collection of ambient light, task lighting and accent lighting.

Durable counter materials – When you want to maximize both your space and your efficiency, picking counters that are durable will expand your space to work. Counters like quartz or solid surfaces are great for durability but also have anti-staining and antibacterial properties.

Wine storage – Good food goes along with good wine so consider making additional bottle storage part of your overall design concept. Some wine coolers now offer LED lighting to keep your best wine in optimal condition.

Storage – Having ample storage that is organized and easily accessible can really make a difference when preparing larger meals. Some storage options to consider hold all of your kitchen basics in an armoire-like cabinet that is neat and aesthetically pleasing.