Now that we are officially into the summer season, strong storms can arise and it is best to have your home fully prepared. New England weather can throw some curveballs so here are some great tips to follow.

Protect Appliances – There are some options to tackle this. You can install in a whole-house surge protector by having an electrician professionally install this for you. Alternatively, you can  purchase several surge protectors for various outlets around the house wherever you have your valuable appliances.

Clean Gutters – Similar to the fall, now is a good time to be sure that your gutters are clear of debris and can drain properly. With the powerful rain storms that can suddenly arise, it is crucial that your gutters do not back up and lead to leaks in your roof or eaves. Also be sure to check all downspouts so that they flow away from your foundation.

Be Safe with Generators – At times with storms comes brief power outages. If you are going to be using a generator, make sure that you practice safety. Most importantly be sure you only run generators outdoors and far away from your home. Keep all fumes far enough from the home’s windows and vents and be sure nothing flammable is located nearby.

Tree Trimming – Look around the perimeter of the house at the nearby trees. No limbs should be touching the dwelling or precariously hanging over it. Do any necessary pruning or trimming of any branches that could cause potential harm.

Properly Install AC Units – Safety all around is important when using AC units. Be sure that you securely fasten them into the window so that they cannot fall out accidentally. Next, be sure that you have sealed any gaps so that they run efficiently and cannot allow any driving rain inside. Finally, make sure that you are not running too many things off of the outlet that you have it plugged into to avoid any electrical issues.

Check your Insurance Coverage – Accidents are never planned and tend to happen when you least expect them, so be sure you are well prepared with the right insurance coverage.