Selling your home these days can sometimes yield a good profit, but that depends on many factors. For one, it will depend on when you purchased your home and for what price of course. However, even if you bought at a low in the market you can still make some mistakes and leave money on the table when you are selling for the first time. Here are some great tips to follow so that you can sell your home quickly and for the maximum amount.

Curb Appeal – Your home’s curb exterior is the first chance to make a great impression. Whether it is photos online or in person for a property viewing, this will set the stage for what buyers think of your home. Make sure your home is in tip top condition from paint to landscaping. Yards should we mowed, weeded and well maintained. Your home’s front facade should be in great condition free of moss stains with a freshly painted front door to welcome all.

Minor Upgrades –  Unless you have plenty of extra money and a major enhancement makes sense for your home like a new kitchen, then focus on the minor upgrades that you can do. These include things like painting walls, replacing old light fixtures and faucets. Another small improvement that doesn’t cost is to simply take time to declutter and organize the home.

Be Flexible – Be open to random showing times and potential concessions that buyers may ask for. This might mean that you need to plan to be out of the house during the weekdays and you may need to either consider doing some repairs or including additional items as part of the sale.

Hire a Realtor® – Hiring an experienced Realtor® is your best chance at having a smooth sale. Utilizing an agent’s experience for staging advice, pricing strategy and to navigate any hurdles that may arise along the way can help you get the most money for your home and most importantly, close the deal.