Real estate deals may seem like they are always very straight forward, but in actuality there can be unexpected challenges. Experience and extensive market knowledge that only a professional real estate agent can provide will add tremendous value for any home transaction both smooth or complicated. Here are some key points as to why you want to hire a professional for the job.

Home Value –  Arriving at the right list price is very important. Price the home too high and you will risk it sitting on the market by eliminating buyers. Price it too low and you leave money on the table. Only a professional agent will assist you with valuable market data to help you arrive at the best list price.

Market Knowledge – You can research as much as you want online or try to search for active and sold properties, but only an experienced agent has their finger on the current pulse of what is really happening in the market. An agent can help you with all of this information and lead you through a negotiation without overpaying or risk losing a home with an offer that is low.

Paperwork – For every transaction there will be many documents. Offers, purchase and sale agreements and disclosures are all examples of the things that you will find for each deal. In addition to this, there are many important dates to have things completed by which can all be facilitated by your real estate professional.

Steps of the Sale – You may be able to find a home of interest to buy, but then what comes next? Only a professional real estate agent can help guide you through all of the necessary steps to purchase that home. This includes assisting you with creating an offer that is strategic based on current market conditions. Not only do you want to have a smooth transaction, but you also don’t want to pay too much for a home.

Negotiating and Communication – These are key to every transaction as there are many parties involved. Buyers, sellers, mortgage agents, inspectors, appraisers and others are all part of the deal and need to be managed and kept informed. An agent can assist with the communication to keep on schedule so that no important steps get missed.

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