It might sound like a strange idea to think about selling a home before you have even bought it, but it is important to keep in mind that a home is an investment so you will want to give this some thought. While you need to rank things of importance that you absolutely require in a home, you should still consider the area and how it will appeal to future buyers as well. The general economy and how it will be when the time comes for you to sell is yet to be seen, but there are some signs that you can pay close attention to regardless. Here are seven tips to consider:

Desirable Neighborhood Amenities

Factor in some consideration for the neighborhood’s amenities. Are essential things like grocery stores, gyms, dry cleaners and similar services close by? You may hear or read about things that are slated for development, but always bank on what is there now as plans can always change.

Picking the Right Street

While you will want to be close to area amenities with easy access, you may not want to necessarily select a home on a busy street. While you and the current owner may enjoy living on a hopping street, not every buyer will enjoy this so the pool may be smaller.

Home Systems

You may think that an area is a good investment since it is on the rise, but there is more thought that needs to go into this equation. Consider the actual house that is in question. How are the home’s systems like HVAC and electrical? Are there newer windows and are they energy efficient? While the area may increase in value, you still might not be ahead of the game if there are significant improvements that may be needed.

Great Schools

You may not consider this if don’t have kids, but depending on the type of home you buy the future buyer may have children so school systems are important and should always be considered.

Natural Light

It is no coincidence that when calling a home bright, “cheery” also tends to be a following adjective. Homes that have great natural light provide a positive feeling and are often more sought after. Visit the home at various times of the day if possible to see how the light affects the space.

Good Floor Plan Flow

While some homes can offer drama with their designer finishes and style, always consider the physical layout of the home. Is it functional with a good flow or possibly family-friendly? Give some thought to who the other potential buyers may be and ask yourself if you think the home could work well for them.

Community or HOA Restrictions

While there are many good things that a Homeowners Association can take care of and monitor, you will want to make sure it is not too confining. If the bylaws and docs are reasonable, then having an HOA can actually be a good thing as they can keep things well maintained and prevent your neighbors from doing things that could influence your home’s value negatively.