Homes sell faster and for more money at certain times of the year in many markets. Some people have the good fortune of selling their home whenever they wish, but for most a life changing situation can be the driving factor for when to buy or sell a home. No matter what your reason or when you sell, here are some helpful tips for making your move during each season.

Spring Season

In many regions across the nation including ours, spring is one of the best times to sell a home. The weather can be a big factor for many to move and can set when “spring market” actually begins each year. Should you sell in the spring you will benefit from increased buyer demand, but will also have more competition. Here are a few tips for selling your home in the spring:

  • Clean out gutters
  • Check siding, remove built up winter grime and paint weathered areas
  • Test out AC system or units
  • Put down fresh mulch in flower beds
  • Plant colorful flowers
  • Tidy up and enhance your landscaping and yard
  • Add flowers and brighter colors to your rooms
  • Keep blinds/curtains wide open to let natural light in

Summer Season

Summer can also be a good time to sell a home. Weather conditions typically lend themselves to make homes look nicer, have lush landscaping and make property tours and actual moves easier. Here are some good tips for selling your home in the summer:

  • Wash windows to clearly allow the outdoors in
  • Sweep driveway and patios to be free of sand, moss and cracks
  • Freshen up the paint on entry doors
  • Inspect/check your irrigation system
  • Stage outdoor areas with furniture and potted plants
  • Fix any bald areas in your grass
  • Inspect/check fences for any damaged areas

Fall Season

Fall market can be another great time to sell and in the northeast, it can actually be a strong runner up to spring market. Here are some tips for selling during the autumn season:

  • Keep yard clear of leaves and debris
  • Test/check heating system and change HVAC filters
  • Repair cracked or peeling paint on exterior
  • Clean gutters of leaves/branches
  • Freshen up front door paint with inviting color
  • Plant some mums for color and life

Winter Season

Although the climate can impact the ease of showings and open houses, you can safely bet that the buyers who are active in the market are likely to be very motivated and serious.  This is also a time that some sellers remove their home from the active sales market until after the holidays so you may have the benefit of less competition. Here are some winter selling tips:

  • Inspect/clean fireplace
  • Inspect/check your attic, storage or basement areas for proper insulation
  • Be sure any snow is actively removed from walkways and steps
  • Keep heat turned up for all showings and open houses for a comfortable environment
  • Create a space for visitors to hang coats and remove shoes near the entryway
  • Keep any seasonal decorations neutral to appeal to all audiences

No matter what time season you sell in, be sure to employ the basics of home cleanliness. Keep your home in pristine condition throughout the entire marketing and selling process for great success.