Most everyone that is preparing to sell their home knows that there are a basic set of things that you need to physically do to list it for sale. These things include decluttering, cleaning, “touch up” painting and staging.

However, there are several other details that can often be overlooked which can be just as important. Here is a list of 10 things that you should note when you list your home for sale.

Depersonalize the Outdoors

Make outdoor decor neutral and avoid anything that may be personal such as seasonal items, flags or lawn ornaments.

Your Entry Door

As the first thing that everyone sees that tours your home, make sure it really stands out. Check everything around it too, not only is the door freshly painted and clean, but is the mailbox next to it looking nice? Do you need a new doormat? Are the windows nearby clean?

Open up Blinds

Open up all of the blinds to allow each room to be bright with natural light. Brighter rooms will appear more inviting than darker ones. Take a look at your window treatments too, do they need to be updated with some fresh new ones or be cleaned at the least? There are some great cost effective options nowadays for new ones.

Fix Driveway/Walkway Cracks

Cracks in driveways, patios or even walkways can be dangerous as a tripping hazard as well as look unsightly. If you cannot fix these yourself, consider hiring a professional to take care of it for you.

Pressure Wash Dirt/Mold

Especially during some seasons roofs, driveways and even some areas of houses will need to be pressure washed to be cleaned of mold or grime. Not only will pressure washing things make them look nicer, but it can also prevent things like a dirty roof looking older than it actually is.


This does not mean that you should buy strong scented candles or plug-in air fresheners as they can be just as offensive as foul odors. Rid the home of all foul smells such as pet belongings and the like. Avoid making strong scented meals like fish during showing times and leave the windows open when you can for allowing fresh air indoors.

Organize Storage Areas

Don’t neglect your closets on top of all primary rooms of the house. Well organized storage areas will always look larger and more accommodating. Purchase shelving systems or wall organizers if you have many belongings.


Your appliances will have manuals or warranties to accompany them and for any machines that are newer and recently purchased, this can a selling feature. Put all of these together and make them available for future owners.

Sweep Garage/Basement Areas

These areas are also important parts of the home and even though they are more likely to get dirty, it doesn’t mean they should always remain that way. You don’t want any buyers to feel that any part of your home needs to be cleaned.

Search Your Home Address Online

Check online to see if your home is listed on major websites and that all details are accurate. Some sites allow you to claim your home as yours and edit/update the info so it is correct.