Most people today value the importance of technology in a home. As smartphones, tablets and other electronic devices advance in both popularity and capability, home technology is following right along. Smart home tech has become more desirable and can range from things that are hard wired into the home or via external devices such as sensors or plug adapters. If you are interested in easy ways to bring your home into modern times, here are some great ideas.


Thermostats have been programmable for quite some time now, but these days you can purchase one that can work by considering the weather, user behavior patterns and can be controlled remotely using your smartphone. These are great purchases as they are relatively inexpensive to add to your home and can also help cut down on your energy costs.


Another great and simple invention is the smart plug. These are super easy to buy and start using just as easy as plugging in an appliance. You can download the app on your phone to control outlets using your wi-fi when you are home or away. Illuminate your foyer before you get home at night, turn on the slow cooker at just the right time or shut off the coffee pot when you forget to before you leave the house. The options are endless!


Smart lighting is also very easy as it is as simple as replacing a bulb. You can set different lighting levels from your smart device and create the mood as you like. You can also program them to gradually get brighter in the morning as your eyes adjust to the day!


Similar to thermostats, we have had programmable sprinklers for a while now. However, smart irrigation systems take it one step further and factor in things like weather patterns, temperatures and soil moisture to find a healthy balance between healthy lawns and responsible water consumption.

Water sensors

Next time you are away on vacation you can take comfort in knowing that you have a water sensor. These systems will notify you if excessive moisture is detected in the home which will assist you with preventing major damage from things like plumbing issues or flooding.