These are the hottest things

The hottest kitchen trends are always of interest given how this room is considered the heart of the home. The kitchen is where you spend so much of your time every day and it is where most everyone always congregates. For these reasons kitchens are the room in the home that has such a significant value and is why most homeowners want to keep it updated. Here are the top trends for this year that are most desired per information shared by Houzz. 

Kitchen Island

The top desired feature in a kitchen is an island counter. So many kitchens have them and it is no wonder why they are in high demand given their versatility. They offer additional counter space, a serving surface as well as a gather and dining option. Nowadays, homeowners are getting more creative by doing accent colored cabinets and surface tops to make them stand out. 

Kitchen style

The most popular kitchen designs include modern, contemporary or transitional. Although farmhouse style was becoming popular, this trend has slowed per recent studies. Transitional styles are less distinct and where they tend to borrow from other trends this is most likely why they are more timeless and becoming more popular.


Hardwoods are now most popular in the kitchen among remodelers with tile flooring coming in to follow shortly behind. What is most interesting is that vinyl flooring is on the rise. The new designs are now looking just like wood or tile making vinyl increasingly more popular due to both its durability and cost. 


Cabinets have remained more along the neutral spectrum with white being among the most popular. Mid tone wood cabinets or gray follow with light wood tones being least popular. Where cabinets are a significant item in the kitchen, it is no wonder why most homeowners wish to keep things neutral and more mainstream.

Backsplash and appliances

White backsplashes are still coming in as most popular with gray or multicolored runner up. For appliances, high-tech options have slightly decreased in popularity as of late.