Avoid these issues

The process of selling a home may sound easy at first but it has many steps so it is important to get them right. There are some common home selling mistakes that people make that can have an impact making a smooth sale become more challenging. Here are some of the most common ones so that you can actively avoid them.

Doing it all yourself

The list of possible mistakes can be long when you do a sale all on your own. From overpricing, to under marketing to not knowing what to do with regards to disclosures or even how to handle the out of the ordinary curve balls that can be thrown. An experienced agent can save you money and help dodge some serious headaches.

Pricing it wrong

Your list price should not just be what you “think” it should be because of what you put into it or because of an estimate you saw online. The list price needs to be based on the current and accurate data of comparables in the marketplace, then adjusted for things like your home’s specific location and condition. Pricing your home too high can be problematic where you miss out on the bulk of buyer traffic which typically happens in the first couple of weeks of listing it on the market.

Restricting access

This can be challenging when there are tenants involved, but having unrestricted access to the property is important as you want to be sure any buyer who is interested can get in when they can. The more people that can preview the home, the better exposure it gets with the chance of multiple offers coming in at the same time.

Foul smells

Especially where smell is so closely related to memory, make a positive impression on any buyers who tour the home and be sure any foul smells or pet odors are not present in the home. 

Low commissions

Don’t compromise the efforts of agents by offering lower than normal agent commissions. Keep all cooperating agents just as motivated to sell your home as the next with a competitive commission paid to complete the job. 

Not making concessions

Even in a more competitive landscape it is possible that a buyer will ask for some concessions especially after a home inspection. No home is perfect and there may be some significant items that can come up during an inspection which they will ask to be addressed. It is always best to negotiate a solution rather than lose a deal and begin all over. Be open and understanding of what is being asked as the next buyer may bring it up as well.

Poor staging

In many cases homes are not staged to sell as you would live in them in your everyday life. Especially if you have pets with crates, kids with toys or the similar. Getting the home clean, decluttered and staged really can make a big difference when you want to make a good impression on all buyers, especially those who don’t have the vision to see its potential. 

Bad pictures

Everything starts with good quality photos as most everyone who will want to see your home will first see it online – especially these days. From good composition to high quality of the actual image it is vital to get your home staged as well as have photos taken by a professional. Photos are ground zero for making the best first impression.