Try these tips for creating the perfect outdoor living space


Regardless of the size of your home everyone nowadays is looking to create the best outdoor spaces even more than before. With more of your time being spent at home the value of extending your home’s living space is fast increasing as it opens up more options for entertaining and overall enjoyment. Most designers suggest that you address your outdoor space just like another room inside your home and decorate it accordingly.  Here are 4 helpful tips as you get started on yours. 

The function

See what you have room for as well as what you would like to have featured. If you are tight on space will you furnish it with just a dining table with chairs? Or if it is more of a lounging area will a couch and rocking chair be best? If you have space for more then design it with separate zones for different types of furniture. Just be careful to not put too much in a smaller space. 

The flow

When you begin to furnish your outdoor space consider what you already have inside your home. If your style is more traditional, stay consistent with that design when you choose your outdoor furniture. Also, a great way to continue the flow throughout your home is to stay consistent with the same materials, colors and fabrics that you have inside and carry them out. This can help smooth the transition and flow inside to outside and make it feel more like you are just going into another room.


Take a look at what you have for flooring in your outdoor space now and where you plan on placing your furniture. If you need to put down new flooring then choose a warmer material like pavers that can provide a nicer, finished look. If you have a basic concrete now then you could consider covering it with a stone material. In your different zones you can try adding an outdoor rug that will really warm things up while it defines the space. There are some really nice options out there for outdoor rugs that can withstand the elements. 

Shade and Cover

Especially in the heat of the warmest summer months it can get very hot in the direct sunlight. Bear in mind that you may want to have some shade so that you can keep a comfortable temperature while you enjoy your outdoor living space. This can be achieved by planting some taller hedges for natural daytime shade with respect for the sun’s positioning or you could consider buying some umbrellas or awnings for whatever your personal preference may be.