These are some great cost effective ideas

If your home is in need of some updating it can be daunting when you start to see the high ticket renovation costs. While some may need to fully gut their kitchens or bathrooms, others with a little creativity can achieve reasonable updates that will make your home look more modern and you won’t break the bank when completing them. Best of all when you decide to sell your home, many of these updates will recapture a high percentage of their original value. Here are some projects you can do for under $1,000 each.

The Bathroom

Fixtures – Don’t overlook your dated fixtures. Pick some matching fixtures to replace your sink faucet, shower handles and head together. 

Toilet – Other than the obvious aesthetics, a newer toilet can save water and money as models these days tend to be more efficient.

Vanity – A vanity is a main focal point in most bathrooms so think about upgrading yours to a model with a stone countertop, neutral color and that has enough storage. 

The Kitchen

Kitchen island – What cook doesn’t love to have more versatile counter space? Islands are a great solution for food prep and can also be a place to both dine, serve or entertain.

Double sink – For any buyer that is in search of a chef’s kitchen, a double sink is sure to accommodate. Give cook’s the tools they wish for with a larger double sink that is ideally under mounted.

Paint cabinets – For anyone who has solid painting skills this can really help transform your kitchen. For the cost of paint and brushes you can pick a neutral color and brighten up the room making it look more modern and sometimes larger.

Other Ideas

Ceiling fans – Add some style with function by installing a high design ceiling fan. Matte black with wooden blades are a nice look depending on your home’s scheme.

Paint – A little paint goes a long way and doesn’t cost you much. Neutral colors are always best while you freshen things up. Do your common areas or rooms that are looking more tired first.

Landscaping – Spend your money on things like mulch for the beds or some additional plants and flowers to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Save some money and do any hedge trimming yourself if possible. Strips of sod can also be obtained inexpensively for filling in any patches on your lawn.

Smart thermostat – Finally, technology has made lives much easier these days but also can help save you some money. Thermostats that are remote controlled by smartphones make life easier and are sure to impress anyone who is eventually looking to buy your home.