Warm your home up with these tips

Most everyone knows that curb appeal is very important when marketing your home for sale. While the winter season can have its challenges with inclement weather, there are still many things you can do to give your home’s exterior the boost it may need. The good news is you can do many of these on your own and in your free time on a weekend. Here are 7 great ideas:

Paint Front Door

Everyone can agree that a freshly painted front door will greet all guests by setting a positive tone. As you freshen the door with new paint consider a color that might be more cheerful but still match your home’s scheme. 

Welcome Mat

This is another great idea to keep things looking fresh while being functional. If you have an old, dirty or worn looking doormat then trade it in for a new one. Keep it simple, yet durable so that it remains fresh looking all winter long. 

House Numbers

Your home’s address numbers are another way to add some functional decor to your front facade. This can be fairly easy to do and inexpensive. Select something that is current looking in style but also complements your home’s design. Craft websites like Etsy.com can be great for these solutions. 


Always keep driveways and walkways clear and free of items or debris. It is one thing to make sure that it is safe for all visitors, but you also want to make sure they can see all pathways to the home for how your landscaping is outfitted. Keep some ice melt on hand to help you keep things clear during the snowy season. 


Darker, shorter days can be overcome when you have the right lighting. Creating the right outdoor lighting not only provides safety but can also be inviting and add life to your home’s curb appeal. Items like lanterns or string lights can be done tastefully and typically on the cheap. 

Porch Staging

Just because it may be cold some days doesn’t mean buyers don’t want to picture outdoor enjoyment for when warmer days arrive. For your front porches you may want to add a nice pair of chairs with colorful pillows and an outdoor rug to warm things up and make it look inviting. It is important to market your outdoor living spaces whenever possible as they are extensions of your living area. 

Hardy Plantings

Depending on the time of year you can get some hardy plants to add life and interest to your home. In the fall you can choose flowers like Mums that can withstand the lower temperatures. For potted plants that are good options during the colder winter months, boxwoods and select holly shrubs work well. You can pretty much put them out anytime if they are in pots and they are also great to work with for holiday decor too!