Consider these items if you plan on selling soon

Getting top dollar is a common goal that most sellers will aim for other than wanting a quick and clean sale. Ensuring that your home is in excellent condition but with the most desired upgrades will help pave your path for success. Here are some of the top home improvements that have a higher return on investment.  

Exterior Upgrades

Stone masonry – Basic or perhaps worse – older vinyl siding can be upgraded with adding some stone work to really increase the elegance factor of your home’s facade. 

Front door – It may be one of the most important features that makes a great first impression is your front door. Upgrading to something that is architecturally pleasing and painting it an eye-catching color can be a win.

Garage doors – Just like your front door, garage doors have a significant impact on your home’s look. Neutral colors and styles that compliment your home’s scheme and look are the way to go to make your home look more classy. 

Interior Upgrades 

Kitchen renovation – Before you go planning a full gut job with installing a super high end kitchen, you may not need to completely redo it. Focus on updating essential elements that may be outdated including cabinets, counters, appliances and giving it a fresh coat of paint. 

Bathroom upgrade – A good tactic for a bathroom upgrade is to install a walk-in shower. One that is level with the floor will give a luxurious look, is easy to access and handicapped accessible. Additional adds to consider include taller toilets and support bars. 

Windows – Today most buyers are concerned with aesthetics but also want efficiency. The quality of your windows is paramount for conserving energy and controlling monthly costs. New windows are among a top investment that yields a great return when it comes time to sell. 

Finally, if you are not in a position where you have the time or money to invest in your home before selling then you can consider some very basic upgrades to your decor. Focus on things like having ample lighting and illuminating dark rooms with floor lamps or elevate your living room with a new area rug and throw pillows on the seating areas.