Buying a Home

There are several essential steps to consider throughout the buying process. Below is a list of steps that I have assembled which will ensure a smooth transaction. Allow my expertise to assist you through this process.

Mortgage Qualification
First, you will need to get pre-qualified with a pre-approval letter. A reputable mortgage agent will provide you with an accurate amount that a bank will approve you for borrowing. Having a pre-approval letter is important as you will need to have that on file for when you make your offer.

Neighborhood Location
Each town can vary in home price, services, taxes and schools. Whichever areas you are considering, let my experience guide you as you navigate your choices in the search process. I have worked with many clients in the area and can share my knowledge of different locations and what they offer.

Type of Home
There are several types of homes to choose from including Condominiums, Cooperatives, Single Families and Multifamilies. Each offers different features and benefits which I can inform you about when you are deciding which fits your lifestyle best.

Home Inspection
Regardless of the age of a property, a professional inspector will provide you with an accurate report of the home’s condition and review proper care and protocol. This valuable Information can help you budgeting for future repairs as well as have a great understanding of the home inside and out.

Ask Questions
It is easy to become excited when viewing properties for sale. However, be sure you are asking basic questions so that you are well educated on the home. Questions like the age of systems, why the seller is selling and what local area services are offered would be all valid questions that should be standard as you tour properties.