Outdoor Living Feature: 9 Drumhack Road, Gloucester

Everyone with a larger lawn yearns to have the greenest and most lush grass on their street. A beautifully landscaped yard provides the perfect environment for outdoor recreation and enjoyment as you enjoy the benefits of your home. Additionally, if you are looking to sell your home then it is even more important to have the perfect lawn like 9 Drumhack Road, Gloucester. How do you get such a great lawn? Here are 8 tips that you can follow for the best lawn on your street.

Stop weeds before they sprout. Prevent weeds before they grow with a pre-emergent herbicide. This will control the weeds by stopping them before they even get to germinate.
Eliminate broadleaf weeds. Free your lawn of any weeds that have already sprouted. If you have just a few trouble areas then you can do it by hand. For larger mass areas, purchase a weed control product.

Mow high and often. Cutting your lawn short may sound like it could save you time, but in reality this can damage grass and allow for weeds to root easier.

Sharpen mower blades. Dull blades cause for ragged edges in your grass. These edges can appear dull and a graysih brown making for an unhealthy look for your lawn.

Water in the morning. Morning watering is always better as the sun will help dry the grass during the day. Evening watering can cause too much moisture potentially resulting in disease.

Feed your lawn. Regular fertilization will provide essential nutrients for a healthy lawn. In the northeast, fall and spring seasons are best for application.

Spot train pets. Do you have a dog that regularly spends time in your yard? If so, try to train them to use one location for relieving themselves. Nitrogen in dog urine is often a cause for dead spots in your lawn.

Reseed dead areas. If you have areas that are thinning then sprinkle seed over these spots. Fall and spring seasons are usually the best time for seeding.

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