Selling Your Property

Selling your home is a milestone in your life. There are steps you will need to take to ensure success.

Allow my professional advice to guide you through the process and recommend what you should do for your home. Here is a checklist to help get you started for what you should expect to do.

Cleanliness is Crucial
As part of staging your home, a deep clean is vital as you prepare for both photography and buyer showings. It is important to maintain cleanliness throughout the marketing process as there will be both scheduled open houses as well as private buyer showings that can be scheduled at any time. This is also inclusive of all closets and storage areas.

Staging Your Home
Staging your home is one of the essential things to do. Positioning your home to showcase it as its best is key to attaining the highest price. Keeping your house clean, decluttering and addressing any neglected areas will prove to buyers that your home is a perfect place to call home.

Don’t Forget The Exterior
The exterior of your home is both the first and the last thing every prospective buyer will see. Be sure your yard’s landscaping is well maintained. The paint should be in good shape. For condominiums, make sure the common areas are clean and freshen up entryways with some potted plants or flowers to add warmth and be inviting.

Pre-Sale Inspection
It is a good idea to find out how your home fairs in one of these reports by hiring an inspector beforehand. As most buyers will be doing this after an agreed upon offer, it is a wise idea to remedy any red flag items that come up during a professional inspection ahead of time.

Use My Resources
Not sure where to begin? Just ask. I am the professional in the industry and have the resources to help you with all that you need. It is my pleasure to assist you.