Creating a Emergency & Severe Weather Checklist for Your New Home

So you’ve just closed on your brand new Cape Ann home. You and your family are excited for the big day where you finally get to move in. There are a lot of fun things to do, from personalizing and decorating your space to deciding who gets what bedroom.

However, your family’s safety should not be forgotten in the excitement, hustle and bustle. New England is thankfully more mellow in the weather department than some other areas, but we still experience severe weather and emergency situations. It goes without saying that some very important preparedness plans should be taken into consideration as you move into your new home. Here are some helpful tips per The Red Cross.

Fire escape plan – Create a plan for an escape in the event of a fire. This should include two ways of exiting the home as well as two meeting places for family members. One should be a meeting spot immediately outside of the home while another should be further away in case the area is blocked.

Survival kit – It is a good idea to have enough food and water on hand for each person in the family for three days. In case of any weather related emergencies, this will help you be best prepared.

Severe weather shelter – Locate the safest spot in your home in the event of severe weather. For some homes, this may be a certain room or a closet, for others it may be a basement. Generally lower levels and rooms that are away from windows are prime for this.

App alerts – It is a good idea to set up apps on your phone that notify you of weather and safety alerts. For example the Red Cross Emergency App allows you to set preferences based on your location so that you can be aware of any potential disasters in your area.

Assess your risk – When you are unpacking in your new home, keep some basic thoughts in mind. Keep any flammable items away from warmer items like heaters. Also, avoid overloading outlets or running wires under area rugs. Finally, always be sure that your smoke alarms are charged and working well.

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